Helping student-athletes reach the next level

Millions of high school athletes around the world dream of earning an athletic scholarship to play sports in college.  However, the college recruiting process can be confusing for young athletes and their parents.  As a result, costly mistakes are made, families become overwhelmed,  scholarship opportunities are missed, and dreams of playing in college never materialize.  At U Recruit U, we're committed to helping student-athletes turn their dreams into a reality.


Educate.  Empower.  Elevate

Every year, families across the world go toe-to-toe with the challenges of athletic recruiting. Many families make the costly mistake of taking a wait and hope approach only to be left disappointed.

Even for those who attempt to educate themselves on college recruitment, they're still left with more questions, very few answers and an unsettling feeling they are somehow falling behind.

U Recruit U is committed to educating,empowering, and equipping student-athletes with the neceassry tools and know how to elevate their game to the next level.