You want a coach. Quite frankly, you need a coach.  And If  money wasn't an issue, you’d hire one to get the support you deserve. We don't want cost to be the reason your family doesn't seek the help it needs. That’s exactly why we’ve created Study Hall, a super affordable solution that provides timely advice tailored to your student-athlete's specific goals.


Imagine having an experienced college recruiting coach on hand to provide tailored one to one advice, a fresh perspective, strategy, mindset support and immediate clarity just when you need it?


Just think how light and relaxed and confident you’d feel, knowing you’re not alone. No more random polling of people or turning to google for answers.  Instead, you'd receive timely advice from someone who knows exactly what you're experiencing because they've already gone through it (twice). 


Study Hall is like having a coach in your back pocket, there when you need it, designed to help you take full control of the recruiting process from start to finish.


  • Every month, you can submit up to 5 college recruiting questions via email.
  • Coach Kito will  provide you with an answer and crystal clear action steps to take.
  • We'll share any additional resources you may need by attaching templates, checklist, and any other helpful resources.
  • There are no minimum sign up periods.  You can stick around for as long or as short as you'd like.
  • Simply submit your questions, and we’ll help you work through them in a timely fashion.


This is the most affordable way to work with a recruiting coach, and get tailored advice to help you hit key recruiting benchmarks. 


1. Recorded coaching calls via zoom conference calling.

2. Laser-focused call that provides clarity and specific action steps to take.

3.  Avoid making expensive and time-wasting mistakes.

4.  Learn what to say when coaches call.

5. Build and maintain momentum each month.

Remind us, why do we need this in  our lives?

Sometimes, you really just need someone:

  • To bounce ideas off
  • Who can provide an unbiased opinion
  • You can trust to act only in your best interest
  • Who can answer the questions that keep you up at night
  • To help you make the right decision
  • Who can relate to what you're going through
  • To provide you with the confidence and motivation to go to the next level.

In other words, YOU NEED A COACH!

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

The Study Hall subscription is only $95 per month. 


Are we tied to a contract?

No, you can stay for as long as you need. Cancel anytime!


How do I ask questions?

Submit your question(s) via email .  Once submitted, we'll review and provide an answer via video message within 2 business days. 


How many questions can we ask per month?

Membership entitles you to ask up to  5 questions (all at once or in 5 separate emails). 


What if we want more help? 

We recommend enrolling in Launch U  or consider signing up for elite coaching.


How is Study Hall different then group coaching?


Study Hall is one-on-one virtual support, delivered via email and zoom conference calling.  It’s perfect if you prefer to customized guidance in a private setting.