Making the right decision about college can be tough for any student. Add on the extra later of being a student-athlete and that decision can become even more difficult, When I faced this decision, my parents and I had little knowledge about the process, the rules, the deadlines, etc. With so many rules it's easy to inadvertently make mistakes along the way. I can confidently say U Recruit U is an excellent tool to help student-athletes navigate this tough decision. It provides the fundamentals of recruiting in an easy and fully comprehensive way.

Ariel Harris, former NCAA champion

U Recruit has phenomenal resources with recruiting experiences of different coaches, players and professional athletes that have been through the process. U Recruit U provides exactly what is needed to understand the ins and outs of the recruiting process to help the athlete make the best decision.

Savon Huggins, former college athlete

Without Kito, I would've been running in circles trying to make it to the next level. His guidance is a huge reason I made it to the next level where I could compete for multiple college championships.

Drew Smith, former college & NFL running back

Having personally gone through the recruiting process, I know it can be confusing and at times overwhelming. Having someone like Kito who can provide you with the necessary tools, and help outline a pathway for this process, will put student athletes and families on track for success. He does an excellent job and has plenty of experience. I highly recommend following all of his pages and getting started with him as soon as you to get a jumpstart in the recruiting process.

Current D1 student athlete

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We initially turned to a high priced college recruiting service who over promised and under delivered every step of the way. With hope seemingly lost, a family friend recommended coach Kito Delgado. Kito was honest and set clear expectations during our kick off call and we immediately knew he was the right resource for us. After a few short weeks of working with Kito, our son received genuine interest from multiple college coaches. He eventually earned a handful of full ride scholarships and selected the college of his dreams. We can't thank Kito enough and encourage any under the radar student athlete (and their parents) to turn to Kito for support and guidance.

Ron and Michelle W., Parents

U Recruit U has an in depth and thorough knowledge of the complex and ever changing world of recruiting in collegiate athletics. Certainly an asset for any proactive student athlete.

Jesse Fulger, HVCC Offensive Line Coach

College recruiting is such a tricky business, especially for the parents and student athletes who have no idea which path to follow during the process. U Recruit U is a great way to learn how to choose a path, choose the right coach, the right school. Looking to go to school for free? U recruit U has you covered on how to make it happen.

Will Harris, former college & pro athlete

It is important to start the recruiting process early as it can be very overwhelming. With the help of a knowledgeable individual like Kito, you can start navigating this process. There is great value having someone give you objective advise to make sure you are on track to accomplish your goals.

Current NAIA student athlete

In knowing that the recruiting process can be an overwhelming process for families. Many involved have unrealistic expectations and lack knowledge on how to navigate the process. Kito Delgado is a great resource I would highly recommend to any student athlete hoping to play at the next level.

Rey C. AAU coach

Kito Delgado is a first class role model in life and in the world of athletics. His calm demeanor and communication skills are exceptional and really makes it easy for student-athletes to connect with him on a personal level. When speaking in front of a large audience, there is a sense of aura about him that transcends his passion about his life experiences. This creates a very genuine message, one that our players can easily relate to. Kito comes highly recommended.

Brian Clawson, Head Football Coach, Shenendehowa HS

Being a student athlete with aspirations to play college football from one of the most densely populated areas in America was a definitely a task I thought was going to be unfavorable in my position. Mostly because where I’m from, latinos are overlooked in the football world. Finding a resource like Mr. Delgado was a blessing in disguise. The amount of school opportunities urecruitu presented me with was actually astonishing. I never thought I would have access to a concise plan like the one urecruitu presented me with. Because of this structured plan and significant advice; it is the reason why I landed an academic and athletic scholarship. I am thankful till this day to have worked alongside urecruitu. Something I once thought was out of my control became a dream come true; A collegiate student-athlete.

Current D2 student athlete

Kito is passionate about making sure the athlete and his/her family are striking the right balance of goals across personal growth, talent promotion and expectations. Don’t presume as the athlete or parent that you can strike that balance if you’ve never been there and done that. Few of us have. Be smart—talk to Kito.

Chris B., Parent

It is important to start the recruiting process early as it can be very overwhelming. With the help of a knowledgeable individual like Kito, you can start navigating this process. There is great value having someone give you objective advice to make sure you are on track to accomplish your goals.

Aubrey Conti, 2019 NCAA student athlete and graduate

My number one goal as coach is to help prepare my student athletes for success on and off the course. So many athletes have a desire to play in college and need help understanding the college recruiting process. It's reassuring to have a resource like Kito available to them and their parents.

Lucas Lastarza, Christian Brothers Academy golf coach

It was wonderful to have Kito come in and speak to our team about the process or recruiting and all of the things they can do to make themselves the best possible student-athlete. He provided a different voice than they were used to hearing and a different angle on things that they may not have considered before. He could also relate to them, having gone through the process himself. Twice. I would encourage all young athletes to heed the advice he offers, because it's real.

Mike Muehling, former head coach Hudson Valley Community College

Our daughter was not considered a blue chip recruit, but was better than the average volleyball player. Playing for an unheralded program made it difficult for her to get on the radar. We decided to receive help from coach Kito and immediately started receiving genuine interest from multiple college coaches. In addition to being very thorough, he provided much needed encouragement along the way. We could't be happier with the results he help deliver.

Jennifer L., Parent of current college athlete